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Showcase FAQs

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What is the showcase? 

At the end of every seasonal class session, Deb holds a showcase for all of her students as a gift for all of their hard work. For the showcase, you get to perform your scene in front of friends & families, and industry guests Deb invites.

Where is the showcase?

The showcase is via Zoom. It is NOT pre-recorded. You need to be on zoom live in order to be a part of the showcase. As of now, all showcases will be via zoom. Believe it or not, industry guests love it via zoom, because they get an idea of what you will look like on-camera! 

How does the showcase run?

We will go through in full detail during the dress rehearsal!

Industry guests

Yes, Deb invites industry guests to her showcases.

Will you record the showcase?

Yes, we record the showcases. However, please note, sometimes we have internet issues and the footage is unusable. If it is not usable we do not send it out. It is very rare that this occurs! After the footage is edited, we then send it out to everyone. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Can I invite anyone?

Yes absolutely! You are more than welcome to invite your friends and families just PLEASE let them know to join the zoom at the correct time and NOT during rehearsals. Also, when they join they will need to turn off their sound and camera! It is very important they join ON TIME!

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