Adult Scene Study

This workshop is devoted to helping the professional actor develop the techniques and tools needed. Special emphasis will be placed on training the actor to respond quickly and fully to all stimuli in an effort to assist the actor to making winning choices, acting fearlessly and ultimately, helping the actor cultivate a process that is uniquely their own.  Everyone will learn to mine the unexpected with a better understanding of the creative process through the development of story-telling skills, character study, discovering objectives and obstacles, exploring human behavior and so much more. Students are encouraged to take 2-3 classes per week (included in monthly tuition). 

Mondays 4-7pm

Wednesdays 8-10:30pm

$325 per month

Company Master Class

Highly advanced workshop puts extreme focus on character development, making strong and unique individual choices, and script interpretation to better discover distinctive character attributes to better make the role your own.  Scene selections for this workshop will cover adult themes, thus it will be exclusively offered to students who are 18 or older and entry is based solely on audition or invitation. Students in this workshop are also welcome/ encouraged to take any or all of the three additional adult scene study classes in addition at no extra cost. 

Sundays 8-10pm

$325 per month

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