Meet our fearless leader, Deborah Lemen! Deborah Lemen is a working actor, teacher, writer, director, and producer who works in both New York and Southern California. She has trained with George Morrison and Jack Waltzer in New York, and with Peter Flood and Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles. ​

Deborah Lemen is the first Professional Acting Coach to adapt the Ivana Chubbuck Technique for Kids and Teens. She has adapted the technique to make it accessible and age appropriate for kids and teens, yet still offer the same acting tools that have created hundreds of successful and award winning adult actors. Deb's acting technique and workshops have proven to be career changing! Past and present students have been successful both theatrically as well as commercially. A few of her many successful students include:

-Reid Miller a long time student who is the lead in the film “Good Joe Bell” playing opposite Mark Wahlberg as well as starring in Netflix’s You.

-Nicolas Duvernay has a reoccurring role on Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living.

-Jaylen Barron is starring in Netflix’s Free Rein, and has recently filmed in 9-1-1 and the new show Blindspotting.

​-Avantika who is the lead in Disney’s new show Spin, and has starred in Diary of a Future President.

Many LA acting teachers have a "get in/get out" mentality and are focused on the quick result - specializing in booking the "under 5." Personally, I believe in longevity and preparing actors for a career, rather than a short stint, which is why I heavily invest in my students. Acting training, much like athletic training, requires the strengthening of muscles, whether they be physical or mental and that is something that takes time, hard work, and sacrifice. I stress the importance of the journey, which has been a pillar of my teaching and my own acting career. My goal is to shape dynamic, smart, hard-working actors that love their art. While I do offer classes for beginners, my true passion is working with teens and young adults who display an appreciation for the process. I am always available for any questions!